Shammi Bannu

About Bannuji and Shammi

National Award Pic

The tradtional of indian miniature painting continue with the present generation as Bannuji has passed on the craft to his son Shammi. Shammi took to the craft at an early age, spending much of his childhood at his father's side. The subtle nuances of each miniature painting school were revealed in these years. Within this guru-shishya system. Shammi received knowledge of the craft simply by silently watching his father. This is the tradtional manner to learn the craft; a gradual process of transmission.

Shammi and his father have a unique relationship that is both Father and Son, Guru snd Disciple. Each inherits the mantle of the previous generation so that the craft remains a living tradtion. This lineage ensures the passing on of skills and the sharing of the craft's inherent wisdom. The transmission of this wisdom is the 'Words within silence'; a conversation of heart, connecting one soul to another. As Martin Lings suggests: 'a truth which is engraved upon the soul of men and as subtle as a breath or even the glance of any eye'. This truth is realised as the ineffable love shared between a Father and Son.